Myths and Facts about constipation: Is apple juice a laxative (does apple juice help with constipation?)

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Is apple juice a laxative

Does apple juice help with constipation? Laxatives are medicines that give you relief from chronic constipation. People use many different home remedies to get a cure from their constipation, and one of those is drinking some specific juices. People, who love apple juice usually asks, is apple juice a laxative?

Sometimes you don’t have chronic constipation, but you still feel some irregularity in your bowel movement. Several factors can be a cause of this state. Your body movement, eating, and drinking habits have a massive impact on your bowel function. If you feel such a condition, then drinking apple juice can give you relief from this state. Almost everyone in his/her life goes through this traumatized period known as constipation. Due to certain factors in our society, we are afraid of talking about this issue publicly. This is the fundamental reason that people don’t go to doctors or pharmacies for getting a cure; instead, they try different home remedies to relieve constipation. One study has shown that drinking some specific kind of juices can give you relief from constipation and helps in improving your digestive system.

I am a huge apple juice lover, and I sometimes have the same medical condition, so my concern is, is apple juice a laxative? And what are the other juices that have a laxative effect?

Symptoms of constipation

If you are going through constipation or even if you have gone through it, you will have the idea of how painful and irritating it is. Following are the symptoms of constipation:

  • Less frequent bowel movements and less frequency of passing out stool like two to three times a week
  • Hard stools or lumps in your stool that make it difficult to pass
  • A small amount of stool passing at a time
  • Strain in the bowel movements
  • Can’t pass out the stool when you are in the washroom
  • You feel full even after passing out stool that is easier to pass
  • You need to empty your rectum with the help of your fingers

If you are facing the symptoms as mentioned above, then you are facing constipation, and you need something like a stool softener to give you relief from this state. There are a wide scope of explanations behind this condition.

Is apple juice a laxative
Will apple juice make you poop?

Causes of constipation

Following is a list of causes behind constipation:

  • Change in your lifestyle
  • Less intake of water
  • Less intake of fiber, eat more fiber-enriched foods because high fiber is very good in giving you relief from constipation
  • More intake of dairy products
  • Lazy
  • Stress
  • Resist to poop when you feel like
  • Different medicines
  • Pregnancy
  • Digestive tract issues
  • Other serve medical conditions including cancer

Make sure to avoid the above-mentioned causes so that you don’t have issues like constipation. However, if you are facing it right now, then try different juices, and you will get the answer in the next section, is apple juice a laxative?

Juices for constipation

Now, after getting all the information about causes and symptoms of constipation, you want to get rid of it by drinking juices the make sure not to drink them in excess quantity because an excess of them can cause different side effects. 

Following are the juices that you can drink for getting rid of constipation (Does apple juice make you poop?):

  • Apple juice
  • Prune juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Pear juice
  • Orange juice

Apple juice

Sorbitol is a laxative that helps in the treatment of constipation. Apple juice naturally has a high ratio of Sorbitol and glucose that are very effective in the treatment of constipation. If you are facing chronic constipation, then drinking apple juice can help you in getting rid of it. Make sure to don’t drink it often for this purpose.

Prune Juice

A prune is a dried form of pulp, and it has a high quantity of fiber. This is the reason that it is considered a very effective treatment for the cure of constipation. The fiber in prune juice will help to build up the stool in your body, and it has the quality to soften your stools so that you can easily pass them out.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the most effective and easiest home remedy to get rid of constipation. It is very easy to make. Just squeeze a lemon juice into one glass of Luke warm water and drink it. The presence of citric acid in lemons is the best cure for constipation.

Pear Juice

Another remedy to get rid of constipation is pears juice. Drinking half a glass of pears juice one to two times will give you relief from constipation due to the presence of Sorbitol in it just as in apple juice.

Orange Juice

Orange juice has fiber as well as Vitamin C that produces the stool in bulk and helps it to pass easily.  A healthy and managed diet is the ultimate solution to permanently get rid of constipation. Eat fiber-enriched foods, drink more water, and add bulk fruits and vegetables in your diet. Finally, we have found the answer to the question, is apple juice a laxative? And, the answer is absolute, yes.

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