Are Varicose Veins Dangerous: A Comprehensive Study To Understand The Reasons And Effect Of Varicose Veins To Individual Health Condition

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Are Varicose Veins Dangerous

Varicose veins seems to be quite a general issue and been estimated that about 40 millions individual residing in US are been affected through the venous reflux which is identified as the major reason for the varicose veins. In this article, we will discuss regarding the facts that are varicose veins dangerous? For understanding the conclusion, it is quite necessary to understand regarding the varicose veins and its reasons. Along with such, we will also detail regarding the treatment procedures and necessary things that needs to be taken into consideration for overcoming such medical issue.

Understanding Varicose Veins

It is seen that several individual facing the issue of varicose veins understand that veins on their legs are bulging, however are uncertain whether such issues needs to be addressed. From the researches and survey conducted it has been found that majority of individual facing the varicose veins doesn’t consider it as a dangerous disease.

Varicose veins lead to symptoms of aching, pain, itching and tenderness which doesn’t seems to be limb-threatening. The potential issue related with varicose veins refer to external bleeding which took place due to bumping of bulging veins against the blunt object or with sharp object.

Effect Of Varicose Veins On Human Body Defense Power

The sudden bleeding generally took place while taking shower because hot water makes veins to dilate and bulge which led to have enhanced pressure in veins and therefore veins been susceptible to rupture or bursting. It is seen that blood is more probable to clot in the varicose veins and also reported that 30 percent of individual facing the issue of varicose veins develop blood clot due to which area becomes warm to touch and becomes more painful.

If an individual sustain bleeding, it is quite essential to take medical advice as it could led to re-bleeding. The medical practitioner applies the glue or suture to halt the bleeding or even in some cases, the pressure bandage is applied.

 From the medical literature, it is seen that mostly patient facing bleeding issue from varicose veins receive comfort from examination and treatment of underlying vein condition to minimize the likelihood of re-bleeding. Blood clot is also considered to be another possible complication related to the varicose veins. It is seen that most blood clots that develop in varicose veins setting seems to be superficial veins.

When the blood clots took place in the region of the varicose veins, it becomes warm, firm, red and tinder. The outcomes are associated to the tissue inflammation which is described as the body reaction on the superficial blood clot. According to research done, it is discovered that small percentage of the individual who develop the superficial vein blood clots faces the risk regarding the clot extension into deeper veins in the legs. Ultrasound scanning is the only method that helps to identify that whether the clot is superficial or deep. It can be evaluated that spider veins and varicose is related with the condition called as the stasis dermatitis that makes skin dry and itchy. If the itching is mild it could be a nuisance issue, however several people reported that they face worsening itchiness in their legs.

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous
Are Varicose Veins Dangerous

Reasons For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are generally caused due to the underlying vein condition in which the valves in the veins are not working appropriately which is called venous insufficiency or venous reflux. This led to assortment of symptoms comprising the leg fatigue, leg pain and swelling, leg cramp and even leg discoloration in advanced cases skin wounds.

The treatment of varicose veins is done through different methods. Some of the methods work indirectly, by lessening down the pressure seen in the varicose veins; however some of the methodologies work by removing the varicose veins or directly sealing of the varicose veins. It is essential to understand the fact that not every patient requires varicose vein treatment, however individual having sustained complication to varicose veins its worth calculated to discover the options. Various individual develop the perception that varicose veins are just a cosmetic concern and only method of its treatment is vanity. Varicose veins took place at instance when the one-way halves accountable for transferring the blood via the veins and then to the heart gets damaged.

Varicose Veins Vs. Spider Veins

Varicose veins are not identical as spider veins which are small and thin blood vessel that took place on the skin. It is estimated that spider veins are harmless, however could be the symptoms related to the poor sign of enhanced risk regarding the varicose veins.

Risk Factors And Stats For Varicose Veins

From the study conducted and analyzing the medical literature, it is found that almost 23 percent of individual living in US facing the varicose veins. Women are at 50 percent higher risk of developing the varicose in comparison to men. If you are facing any of the symptoms which are detailed above, it is recommended to immediately call a doctor and avail medical emergency services. Varicose veins are red in colour and feel warm to the touch and prone to bleeding on their own or due to injury. The skin surrounding varicose veins get dry or inflamed. The main aim of availing the treatment is to receive relief from the symptoms and also reduce the risk of complications that eventually enhance the appearance of the influenced area.

Advanced Treatment Options For Varicose Veins

The process of varicose vein removal is employed to comprise the severely painful surgery named varicose vein stripping that eliminates the varicose vein from the leg in relation to normal anaesthesia. Considering the present time, it is seen that varicose veins treatment is highly advanced and been unlike to the current methodologies that eliminates the varicose and spider veins found to be less invasive and virtually painless.

What Happen If Varicose Veins Not Get Treated?

It is quite essential to understand the fact that painful varicose veins could be the sign of more complex problem like the open sore, blood clot or even skin infection. It is required to understand that if patient facing the varicose veins issues which is becoming more painful, it is a sign that it requires medical assistance. Some of the danger issues faced by individual if not treated well and are listed below

  1. Leg Swelling – When the pressure builds within the veins, it is seen that fluid from the blood can possibly leaked to the tissues surrounded and led to swelling of legs. It includes the tight sensation feeling in the skin or even impression left remaining in the skin after removing shoes. If the swelling persists, it could be the sign of change in skin like change in skin color and hardening.
  2. Skin Infection – When the tissue gets stretched by the swelling it interferes with the body defense power against infection. Bacteria usually available on skin can enter the body which led to skin infection which is known as cellulitis. Proper medical attention is required if someone having such symptoms otherwise situation can be worsen.
  3. Thrombophlebitis – It is seen that blood is more probable to clot in the varicose veins and also reported that 30 percent of individual facing the issue of varicose veins develop blood clot due to which area becomes warm to touch and becomes more painful.
  4. Deep Vein Thrombosis –Deep vein thrombosis refers to the serious medical issue which immediately requires the medical assistance and proper treatment by the specialist. The biggest risk related to such medical issue related to the fact that all part of blood clot might break off and reaches lungs which creates the life threatening condition.


From the above understanding , it can be said that however varicose veins is quite a common problem faced by the resident in US, and majority of people doesn’t consider it too dangerous, but if some feel that problem persist with more pain, it is advisable to visit doctor and take proper medical assistance. There is a need to consider the fact that might patient not necessarily requires getting varicose vein treatment. It could also been demonstrated that symptom’s and affect can be varied from individual to individual, so be cautious and take necessary decision according to such.

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