Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor??

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Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor

Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor?

There is no scientific or medical evidence that the herbal tea known as Chamomile tea is used to induce labor. As a result, it should be avoided by large amounts can even lead to miscarriage. 

Is Chamomile Tea Effective For Starting Labor? 

Pregnancy labor is an important stage of an expectant mother. It comes easily and remains till the baby is delivered and in some cases, it comes and stops even when the pregnancy is due. (Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor?)
This is usually a concern to both the pregnant woman and midwives or the doctors in charge. When it occurs there are many suggestions on how to induce labour and one of them is to use herbal tea.
There are many herbal tea varieties that have been used by grandmothers and midwives to induce labor. Using herbal tea to achieve this may be possible but not really considered a good idea. 

Chamomile Tea to Induce Labor

One of the herbal teas pregnant women does ask many questions if it safe to drink during pregnancy and good for inducing labor is chamomile. There is a close resemblance between a Chamomile herb and the common daisy.
Chamomile is scientifically known as chamomile Recutita or Matricaria recutita.  It is important to note that there is no serious evidence-based on chamomile inducing labor.
There are few reports that Roman chamomile and German chamomile can cause a woman to lose her baby, it makes many to believe it can start labor.
However, these reports should not be taken seriously as almost every medical website is against pregnant women using it. 

Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor
Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor

Preparation of Chamomile Tea

The German chamomile and Roman Chamomile are known for treating diseases. Almost all chamomile exist from the German state. To make chamomile tea, the flowers are dried. It can also be used to make tablets, liquid extracts and capsules. The chamomile extract like the oil can be used on the skin as it is anti-inflammatory.

You can prepare chamomile tea at your house. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a cup of boiling water should be poured on two or three spoonfuls of the dried chamomile. This can also be measured as two to four grams by weight. After doing this, it should be allowed to steep for over 10 minutes but not more than 15 minutes.  It is ready to drink but for medicinal purposes. This shows that it has health benefits. You can take a cup of Chamomile tea up to 4 times between meals in a day. When it is taken at large amounts, it can cause one to vomit especially if it is strong chamomile.

Uses of Chamomile Tea 

The German chamomile according to NCCAM which in full means The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine can be used for many years. Many who supports the use of chamomile tea says it fights anxiety and helps one to sleep. It is also believed to eas gas, diarrhoea and other digestive upsets. 

Roman chamomile also has similar functions. It can be used for the treatment of infections. It is very important to note that though both have health benefit is referenced for inducing labor by the University of Maryland Medical Center and The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).


Just as stated above, chamomile tea has no evidence that it helps pregnant women to have labour. Also, there is no medical source where it is listed as a herbal tree to induce labor.
When it is taken at the right dose, it creates a sedative and relaxing effects. This relaxing effect is one of the strong reasons why it is used to relieve menstrual cramps. The menstrual cramp occurs when the uterus is relaxed.
This can cause an opposing effect on labor.
This opposing effect is the major concern or fear that chamomile tea can cause miscarriage as it can trigger uterine contractions.

This unproven belief may be the reason why some believe it can induce labor.

Warnings Against Using Chamomile Tea

Some women are using chamomile because of morning sickness. Despite this use, expectant mothers should not use it.
This is recommended by Medline. When large amounts of chamomile tea are taken by mouth, it can cause nausea and miscarriage as earlier written.
No matter the reason why you are using it, be very cautious. This is because apart from the negative effects like miscarriage it can lead to an adverse allergic response that can cause death.
People who have ragweed allergy may suffer from anaphylactic shock.

Final Thought 

Chamomile Tea To Induce Labor?

Many herbal teas are used to induce labor especially when the pregnancy is overdue. No expectant mother will love to have an overdue pregnancy and this has made many to surf the net for remedy if it should occur.
Chamomile tea is one of the common teas believed to be a remedy.

However, there is no proof it can induce labor. Rather, it can cause a pregnant woman to lose her baby.

Thus, it is not safe for pregnant women.

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