Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss: Comprehensive Study Of Relationship Between Hair Loss And Diabetes

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Does diabetes cause hair loss

Diabetes refers to hormone associated disorders which usually lead to hair loss (Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss) seen in the patient and even thinning of the hair. The sudden loss of hair is generally considered to be the initial symptoms of diabetes that needs effective medical treatment to eliminate enhanced complication of the disease. It is also been observed that growth of hair is greatly affected due to disease and ends up with hair thinning. Stress is also directly related to hair loss and diabetes as it makes excessive anxiety feeling among the patients and turns out to be major reason for hair loss. In this article, we will discuss that does diabetes cause hair loss? We will review several medical literatures to find the outcomes and steps that help in controlling the hair loss.

Symptoms And Effect Of Diabetes

The disease of diabetes took place when it becomes complex for the body to metabolize the carbohydrates effectively and are greatly sensitive to skin ailment due to the reason that blood glucose and blood circulation are impaired. It is known small wounds and bruises generally include a long terms to recover, therefore the rate of recovery is comparatively slower that restricts hair re-growth. If someone has diabetes it means that their body doesn’t produce insulin or does not use it effectively. Insulin refers as the hormone which is responsible to move the sugar from the food which is intake from the bloodstream into cells to be used in the form of energy.

It is considered that usually, a healthy individual loses around 50-100 strands of hair each day, and thus if hair loss increase at a rapid pace,  it is required to talk to your doctor as untreated leads to further loss of hair. After 7 to 8 months, hair follicles undergo the resting period and are basically replaced with new hair growth. The replaced strand put the old hair toward the scalp surface, and hair loss start which is called telogen effluvium.

Another reason for hair loss due to diabetes refers to an autoimmune issue which leads to small bald patches growing on the side of the scalp and is known as alopecia areata. Type 2 diabetes took place when the imbalance in hormones makes polycystic ovary syndrome.

Does diabetes cause hair loss
Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss

Early Detection And Monitoring

From the medical literature, it is known that diabetes even remain undetected due to the fact that initial symptoms are not considered important. It leads to serious issue as detection of diabetes could lower down the harmful effects. The common symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, acute hunger, sudden weight loss, urination concern along with unnecessary irritation.

With the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatments helps individual to receive early recovery and also lower down the chance of hair loss. The effective controlling of blood sugar level offers information that helps in delaying the development of different long-term complications. The long term complications related to the diabetes are damaged blood vessel and nerves, loss of sensation, heart issue as well as risk of strokes.

 It is seen that hair loss generally starts at the onset of the diabetes and further turns out to be worse when the disease takes charge of the body. Therefore, it is quite essential to get the symptoms of hair loss diagnosed for receiving medical treatment at early stage.

The high blood sugar level is closely related to diabetes and seems to comprise indirect however negative impact on the head hair follicles which further leads to hair thinning. From the above consideration, it can be said that hair loss took place due to several reason including stress, iron deficiency to even specific medical treatment.

Insulin resistance refers to the symptom which is related to diabetes and makes hair loss. Along with losing hair more than usual, diabetes also tend to lower down the growth of hair. It is seen that growth of hair becomes slower in comparison to those suffering from the insulin resistance condition.

Diabetes makes the hostile environment to attack the hair follicles on the eyebrow, eyelashes and scalp because of the poor blood flow in the human body. It is also reported that in some of the cases, it also trigger Telogen Effluvium, a disease in which the unexplained or sudden hair loss took place due to the reaction of human body inability to create effective insulin required for better health conditions. Considering the Diabetes Type 1, Alopecia Areata is a condition where the immune system of the body attacks the head hair follicles or other body part that lead to excessive hair loss. Some individual also get diagnosed with thyroid along with diabetes which raises the chance of hair loss. Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

Does Diabetes Medication Cause Hair Loss?

It is seen that some medicines which are consumed for treating the diabetes can also have side effect such as hair loss as the drug intake interfere with scalp hair growth normal cycle and leads to hair thinning. From the several researchers, it is been found that long term use of Metformin medicine which is used to treat diabetes can have negative influence like Vitamin B12 deficiency which is recognized as most probable reason for hair loss. Therefore, answer to does diabetes cause hair loss? Is certainly yes! The treatment options related to hair loss comprises the biotin, topical medical assistance and lifestyle changes. However, the outcomes related to most treatment are rarely considered to be long term.

Topical Medication

  1. (Rogaine) is identified as the most popular treatment for the hair loss. The individual is required to apply the medication directly to the affected area where an individual faces the extensive hair loss. It is required to strictly follow the instruction which is available on the label and avail the utmost benefits of the product and also avoid its side effect.
  2. Propecia is another prescribed medication suggest by the health professional for treating the issue of hair loss in adult males. It is required to intake in one tablet daily. However, it is not been approved to be consumed by the females by the US Food and Drug Administration.

However, people facing the issue of alopecia areata, doctor recommends the steroid tablet or injection. In some cases, it is also suggested to have oral immunosuppressant like the cyclosporine or methotrexate.

Prevention Ideas To Cure Diabetes And Hair Loss Issue

However, there are several medicine and treatment been suggested by the health professional to overcome the disease of diabetes, but some of the prevention ideas adds the value to the findings and help to lower down the issue of diabetes and hair loss.

  1. Biotin refers as the subtype Vitamin B that took place generally in various foods. It is reported that some people having diabetes comprise lower level of biotin in body. From the analysis and research done in the year 2014, it is found that biotin helped several individual to overcome the issue of hair loss. Some of the food items which are considered having rich biotin are listed below
  • Eggs
  • Almond and peanut
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Yeast

The individual can also purchase the biotin supplements, however, individual require various biotin requirements and too much intake can be harmful, it is recommended to medical professional in prior of supplement intake.

2. Lifestyle Changes

However, it is true that exercise doesn’t prevent hair loss; however it helps to maintain the good blood circulation in the body. The regular exercise facilitates the effective blood flow to the various part of the part including upper extremities, lower extremities and hair follicles. It is also suggested to have a proper balanced diet because it is known to be most important aspect of the diabetes management. The Diets rich in vegetable, fruits, high-fiber food and lean protein are quite useful for handling the blood sugar level in the human body.


Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

From the above analysis, it can be said that diabetes led to excessive loss of hair. The person having diabetes are at high risk of losing their hair extensively in comparison to the normal individual. There is also a risk of having the diabetes treatment options due to the fact that it has been reported that some treatment seems to have side effect like hair loss. However, there are some of the prevention ideas that need to be adopted by the individual to overcome the issue of diabetes as well as hair loss. Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

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