Empty Stomach Feeling But Not Hungry

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Empty stomach feeling but not hungry can be caused by hunger and many stomach problems such as acid reflux and peptic ulcer. There is a difference between the two and as such requires you to consult of your doctor when you are always experiencing it even after eating.

A Look On The Symptoms And Causes of Empty Stomach Feeling 

After mealtimes, the stomach gradually empties food that is partially digested into the small intestine. This is one of the stages of normal digestion. You will feel empty stomach If after the emptying of a stomach for a long time and if there is a low level of blood glucose. While this normal, one can also feel empty stomach even when he is eating. There is a chance it is underlying stomach problem symptom when it occurs.

What do one have Empty Stomach Feeling but not Hungry?

The stomach has the ability to expand and shrink as a result of the food quantity inside of it. The stomach can also expand depending on the when lady food was taken. The feeling of emptiness in the stomach is mostly linked to hunger. This feeling is known as hunger pangs. It occurs when the stomach contracts together with enzymes secretions and increased acid. Apart from increasing appetite or showing a sign of a low level of blood sugar, it is also a sign to eat food. 

The walls of the stomach are stretched during eating to accommodate the food coming inside of it. The feeling of an empty stomach will normally reduce when one is eating. You will on a normal state feel full after eating the food. It is very important to know that empty stomach feeling is sometimes mistaken as burning, cramping, pain, discomfort and other abnormal sensations.

Empty stomach feeling but not hungry

Other Signs and Symptoms of Empty Stomach Feeling

Having an empty stomach feeling may take place on its own when there are no sensations of symptoms. When people feel empty stomach as a result of hunger, they will often have loud noise in the stomach, nausea and increased salivation.

However, when empty stomach sensation occurs because of different stomach problems, some of these symptoms may occur:

  • Heartburn
  • Changes in appetite
  • Stomach pain and discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting in some cases
  • Unexpected tastes

The symptoms stated above are common to almost every stomach. There are also other symptoms that occur to particular stomach diseases.

Causes of Feeling Empty in the Stomach

There is a difference when you are hungry and when you are feeling empty in the stomach. While feeling hungry is normal, empty stomach feeling occurs from different stomach conditions. Your hunger level will reduce after you eat and the quantity of the food you eat. It will not return for some hours but the time of hunger returning also depend on the type of food you eat. 

On the other hand, when the empty stomach feeling is caused by one stomach problem or the other it will not reduce even after eating. If it should ease or reduce it will be for a short while or temporary. In some cases, it will become worse when you are eating. Why it may become worse with eating is as a because there is a rise in stomach acids before you eat and while you are eating. Contraction of the stomach will also increase leading to stomach pains.

Peptic Ulcer Disease 

This is one of the causes of the empty stomach feeling even when one is eating. The empty stomach feeling may get worse when one is hungry. Spicy food and some other foods are not encouraged when you have a peptic ulcer. This reason, you should always consult your doctor or health advisor.


Gastritis is another cause while you are having an empty stomach feeling. This is promoted when drugs such as NSAIDs are used in excess and helicobacter pylori infection. Just as in peptic ulcer disease, seek medical advice when you have gastritis.

Anxiety and Stress

There is a relationship with stomach symptoms and mental states like stress and anxiety. Empty stomach feeling sensation occurs as a result of these mental or psychological states. This shows that this feeling of an empty stomach is psychogenic in nature.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease as it is also known as involves the food pipe where both enzymes and stomach acids flow back into. The enzyme and stomach acid cause esophageal lining irritation.

Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is not always linked an empty stomach feeling. However, some people perceive the stomach or hunger pain and discomfort as such. This is a sneezing pain that is followed by acid reflux. A part of the stomach is trapped inside the small opening found on the diaphragm. 

Final Thought 

It is normal to feel empty in the stomach when you are hungry but not every emptiness in the stomach is caused by hunger. There are many stomach conditions or problems such as peptic ulcer that can cause you to experience this. The tendency of having weight loss due to these stomach problems is high. So, it is good to seek medical advice when you have an empty stomach feeling and not to assume it is mere hunger.

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