I Feel Like Bugs Are Biting Me But I Don’t See Anything!

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i feel like bugs are biting me but i don't see anything f

You can feel that something is crawling on your body only to see nothing. I feel like bugs are biting me but I don’t see anything! A bug is one of the insects that do that. 
The sensation of bugs is itching leaving the person to scratch his skin for satisfaction.

I Feel Like Bugs Are Biting Me But I Don’t See Anything 

The feeling of an invisible insect moving over your skin is known as formication. Formication is a Latin word that means ant. This is a kind of paresthesia which is having a sensation on the skin without a physical cause. You are not alone if you are having this sensation.
Paresthesia can exist in different forms such as numbness, burning and tingling.
A bug in one of the insects that cause formication and their actions have a side effect.

Symptoms of formication

Bugs sensation is the major symptom of formication. You will feel like something is crawling on you making you scratch the area you are feeling the sensation. Continuous scratching and picking of the skin to satisfy the itchy can cause open cuts and skin damage.
You can be infected through the open cuts which might lead to skin ulcers.

Other symptoms of formication are:

  • Feeling stiff 
  • Feeling depressed 
  • Aches over your body
  • Difficult to concentrate 
  • Feeling angry 
  • Shaking in fingers, tremors or hands.
  • Feeling tired and exhausted. 

The following are conditions causes formication:

  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Anxiety 
  • Perimenopause
  • Herpes zoster (shingles)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease
i feel like bugs are biting me but i don't see anything p
I feel like bugs are biting me but i don’t see anything

What to know and do when you feel Invisible bugs are biting you

Bug bites or sensation of bugs are itchy. The affected people end up scratching their body. Lice, ticks, and some mites but not the house dust mites can cause the itches too. 
It is important to know that this feeling can be imaginary but must not be taken for granted. It can cause excessive scratching, bleeding, nervous disorder and fear of unreal pests if it is disregarded.
On some cases too, the bed bugs as it is also known may be real. However, when you think it is imaginary, pay close observation at the place you are before you apply any pesticides. You can get pesticides of your choice at different pest control companies. 

You need to go for diagnosis If bug bites give you many red dots.
There are cases where you will see a single red bump on your skin. When this occurs, there is a possibility it was a bite from a spider or other insect bites. If there are also many red bumps consult a good doctor for proper diagnosis.
A common disorder known as Petechia is where these red spots cause bleeding into the skin. Just like in the cases of multiple red dots and red bumps, consult a doctor. 

Recommended ways to deal with Bugs 

You must check if an Infestation exists before you apply bugs and insect pesticides. If you don’t see any bite marks, the itch is not as a result of an insect bite. Some of the evidence of an insect bite are redness, bumps and bite marks. Before you apply a pesticide, the identity of the insect that causes the itch needs to be known.

You will spend a lot, feel depressed and frustrated when you apply different pesticides without an identity of the insect that bites you. Treatment of identified insect bite is well managed as you will know the right pesticide or treatment methods to use. 

Consult your doctor when you do not know the insect that bites you. You must avoid indoor application of pesticides. It is not recommended. 

Many pest control companies will not attend to you despite the itches you have if the insect responsibility is not known. This is because many states see the unidentified insect treatment illegal. 

Nevertheless, you can do the following if after a bug bites your doctor can’t diagnose because of not knowing the real target:

  • You should put every cloth item inside a sealed plastic bag.
  • Wash the cloth items with hot soapy water. This will kill the insect.
  • Every floor surface in your house should be vacuumed and cleaned.
  • You must vapor tidy your carpets as well as rugs.
  • Change your shampoo and soap when you shower.
  • Place Bug Traps inside your house to capture insects. This will help during identification.
  • Fogging your home. You should read the instructions before use.
  • If you are itching, make use of skin lotion and moisturizer.

Final Thought

Everyone does feel bug biting them but only to see nothing biting them. The bites are itchy leading to constant scratching.

This can cause open cuts that when infected can lead to skin ulcer. A bed bug is one of the common insects that bite you without you seeing them. You can treat bites causes bug by first identifying the type.

This is important as treating of bites without knowing the insect

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