How Long Does Blood Work Take At A Hospital?

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how long does blood work take at a hospital

There are many blood tests done in a hospital. ( How Long Does Blood Work Take At A Hospital? ) The time it takes for the result to out differ. The type of blood tests, the experience of the phlebotomists and vein size all play a role on the time it takes to see the result. 

What You Need To Know About Blood Test

There are many blood tests done in the hospital which include blood counts and cholesterol levels. In some cases, it takes minutes for the result of a test to be out. In other cases, it might take a few days or weeks before the result is out such as blood test results. Depending on the test and some other factors, the result day varies. 

How Long Does Blood Work Take At a Hospital

Just as mentioned above, the duration to know your test result depends on many factors such as the kind of test you are undergoing. It is good to know how tests work in a hospital as it will give you a better understanding of the time it takes.

How long does blood work take at a hospital?
How long does blood work take at a hospital?

How do blood tests work?

A blood draw is known by some people as venipuncture and the medical personnel who perform blood drawn are called phlebotomists. Before your blood is taken, these phlebotomists will do the following:

  • They will wash their hands with hand sanitizer, soap or water before wearing gloves.
  • A tourniquet in the form of an elastic rubber band will be placed on your arm.
  • They will look for a vein and when they find one will clean the location with an alcohol wipe.
  • A tiny hollow needle will certainly be inserted into the blood vessel. Blood will leave your vein through the needle to a syringe or collection tube.
  • The tourniquet will be removed and they will apply gentle pressure on the area the blood was taken. A bandage might be placed on it in some cases. 

Blood draw does not take time if your veins are easily seen and accessed. It takes five to ten minutes to do this. When the vein is not easily noticed, It will take more time. Other factors that can make the blood draw to take time include:

  • Dehydration 
  • Size of the vein 
  • The experience level of the phlebotomists. 

Some blood tests and their duration 

These are some of the common blood tests you might be asked to do when you go to a doctor’s office: 

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
    This test is carried out to know the presence of ten cell types found in the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Haemoglobin, white blood cell count, hematocrit and red blood cell are some of the expected results.
    Your doctor usually receives the result of such laboratory tests within a day.
  • Basic metabolic panel
    This blood test is carried out to know the common electrolytes found in the blood. It is also used to identify the other compounds in the blood such as glucose, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, sodium, calcium, carbon dioxide and chloride. Your doctor might ask you not to eat for some time before blood is drawn from your body. Just like the complete blood count, the result comes out before 24 hours.
  • Complete metabolic panel
    This blood test is done to know every factor that has been mentioned in the two tests above. It is also used to measure two protein tests in the name of total protein and albumin. It is also used on four liver function tests, bilirubin, ALT, ALP, and AST.
    This test is ordered by a doctor when he wants to know more about your kidney and liver function. It takes one to three days for the result to be out.
  • Pregnancy blood test
    Pregnancy blood tests can either be qualitative or quantitative. A qualitative blood test is one that answers whether you are pregnant or not. A quantitative blood test, on the other hand, gives the answer to the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your body.
    The HCG is produced while a lady is pregnant. The result of these tests vary. If there is an in-house lab, the result will take a few hours to be out. It will take two or more days when there is no in-house laboratory. The result of a pregnancy urine test is faster than both tests.
  • Cancer tests
    Different blood tests can be ordered and carried out to identify if there is cancer in the blood. The type of cancer the doctor is looking for plays a role in the blood tests that are recommended.
    While some tests are rarer, others are not it will take a few days to weeks for the result to be available. 

How to get blood tests results faster

You can get the result of your blood tests faster by: 

  • Asking to have your blood drawn at close to an on-site laboratory.
  • Asking to know the availability of “quick test” options for a specific test.
  • You can also ask if you can get the result through a web portal.
  • Asking if you can wait at the hospital or clinic for the result.

Final Thought

There is no special time for blood tests result to be out.

The duration is affected by many factors such as identifying the vein and size of the vein.
The expertise of the phlebotomists also affects the time it takes for the result to be out. 

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