How To Avoid The Den Of Smelly Feet

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Den Of Smelly Feet

Den of smelly feet is a quite common issue, however, turns out to be a troubling situation for the individual specifically for those who prefer going gym for a workout. There are generally two reasons for having smelly feet, the first one is the quality of shoes wore, and the second refers to the sweetening of feet. It is an embarrassing situation for anyone who went to the gym for a workout.  However, the sweetening of feet is quite natural and cannot be controlled; however quality of shoes is highly important to lower down the issues. In this article, we will discuss regarding the best breathable shoes and it benefits in overcoming the issue of smelly feet and make individuals comfortable and confident.

Understanding Reason For Smelly Feet

Here are some of the reasons due to which individual faces the issue of having stinky feet listed below:

  1. Sweating is the most common reason for having den of smelly feet. The soles includes endless sweat glands, therefore if an individual sweat profusely then there will be a huge chances of having the bacteria overgrowth of feet that leads to foul odor.
  2. Just cleaning the feet is not been enough, it is recommended to wash your feet twice a day by antibacterial soap and moisturize them well. It is generally been seen that most of the individual just clean the top and sole of their feet, however forgot to clear the space that exist among the toes due to which the fungal infection took place which further lead to smelly feet.
  3. In women and young adults, hormonal change fluctuation leads to hot flushes or over sweating. The surging hormones tends to activate the sweat glands and usually centered around feet, palms and armpits that causes bacteria to break down the swart and further release an foul odor.
Den Of Smelly Feet
Den Of Smelly Feet

Benefits Of Breathable Shoes

As we have already discussed regarding the best options available for den of smelly feet, here are some of the benefits that individual receive while choosing the breathable shoes.

  • The feature of breathability in the shoes helps the individual feels less sticky and sweaty. Along with socks on, such shoes helps to drain the excess sweat and make individual feel comfortable. This indicate the fact that individual will feel lighter throughout the activity and feel relaxed.
  • Breathability cuts down significantly on the chance of facing the bacterial issue or developing the fungus inside the shoes. Due to the fact that individual doesn’t have much sweat sticking around, chances of having dens of smelly feet also decreases. It is a known fact that bacteria is identified as the major reason for foul odor feet, therefore shoes are set up in such a manner that alleviate it entirely and helps individual to stay healthier in real sense.
  • Breathable shoes also include the advantage of being lighter in comparison to other footwear competitor available in the market. It is because materials used in such shoes are not as heavy duty, indicating that individual can easily expect them to be simpler to lug around. Therefore, it could be understood that not only individual get to have the weight of sweat taken off, also acquire chances of more weight lifted off the feet.
  • By wearing the breathable shoes, it is possible not to have the wear flip flops to avoid the issue related to dens of smelly feet. However, it is been reviewed that some individual prefers wearing flip flops, but it is not a good fit for occasion or even been professional in nature.

Limitations Of Breathable Shoes

As we all know that each thing has its pros and cons, it is also applicable to breathable shoes that helps to eliminate the den of smelly feet. The major limitation of wearing the breathable shoes is its durability which we all usually strive for. The breathable shoes will be going to run the risk of been less durable in comparison to other shoes available in the market.

 Canvas seems to be quite strong that holds up, however mesh is a material that create worries as less thick and reinforced mesh, most probable that it gets tear off. Mesh is a material which is not quite strong, due to which some of premium pair of athlete shows out there only been employed it in moderation. From above understanding, it could be said that breathability and durability seems to be on opposite side.


It is seen that almost each individual faces such issue from time to time; therefore it is highly recommended to purchase the breathable shoes before next time going to gym or workout. It will provide slick look in front of other and also avoid stinky feet (Den Of Smelly Feet). The above options for breathable shoes help you to choose product wisely, however research well before making the purchase.

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