How to Stop Over Eating

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How to Stop Over Eating

How to Stop Over Eating? First, define what is overeating! Overeating is an excess food consumed concerning the energy that the human body expends. It can lead to gain weight loss and obesity. It is also called an eating disorder. If you want to control overeating, then it can only be achieved by self-control. It is a prevalent habit to take in calories throughout the day. As a result of overeating, you may gain weight. Further, some chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes may occur due to overweight as well as overeating. So over eating is a popular bad habbit and now you can stop it. Check the following 15 best ways to stop over eating.

15 Best Ways to Control the Overeating or How To Stop Over Eating

Many people struggle with overeating, so If you are looking for some ways to stop overeating, then we are going to describe 15 best ways to stop overeating. These are common ways that every person can follow it to control overeating and maintain a healthy life. Healthcare professionals like psychologists, doctors, or registered dietitians can also suggest these common ways to control the overeating.

  1. Get Rid of Distractions
  2. Know Your Weaknesses
  3. Avoid Eating From Containers
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Practice Mindful Eating
  6. Eat Fiber-Rich Foods
  7. Eat Regular Meals
  8. Fill up on Protein
  9. Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels
  10. Slow Down
  11. Watch Your Alcohol Intake
  12. Sugary Beverages With Waterin With Yourself
  13. The Diet Mentality
  14. Break Old Habits
  15. Break Old Habits

(1) Get Rid of Distractions

When you are taking lunch in front of the computer or during a personal television program, it is so eating while distracted is a common habit of many people. Although this habit is not harmless, it can cause overeating. As per studies, it has been found that distraction during a meal can lead people to consume more calories at that meal. If we compare the over consumption of food, then distraction can cause overall more consumption of food. So you can make your best efforts to turn off all potential distractions like computers, phones, and magazines so that you may give full concentration on your meal. It will help you to eat less and prevent overeating.

(2) Know Your Weaknesses

You can point out the food which can help you to limit the chances of overeating. For example, if you have a habit of eating ice cream every night, then you can stop keeping ice cream in your freezer at home. When there is no ice cream in the fridge, then you can avoid it to eat the ice cream at night. Prepare the sliced apple with peanut butter to reduce the body weight. You can also keep out unhealthy food like candy, cookies, and chips out of sight.

You can identify all those items of food that you cannot resist. Keep those items out of the home and try to adopt some healthy habits.

 (3) Avoid Eating From Containers

How to Stop Over Eating
How to Stop Over Eating

You can also avoid eating from containers to control overeating. If you eat chips out of the bag, ice cream out of the carton, then you will consume more instead of serving on a plate or in a bowl. You should measure out the serving size for a week. So we can say that you can control eating by eating a portion of food instead of eating food straight from the package.

 (4) Reduce Stress

Stress can cause overeating as people eat more during stress and consume more calories in a day. So you can control overeating by finding some ways to reduce the stress in your life as the stress can drive up the levels of cortisol, which is responsible for increasing the appetite. So one of the critical steps to overcome overeating is to reduce the level of stress in your daily life. You can identify all those items of food that you cannot resist. Keep those items out of the home and try to adopt some healthy habits.

(5) Practice Mindful Eating

You can choose the mindful eating technique to prevent overeating as this practice can focus on the importance of the present moment and thoughts while consuming food. It has been clear from many studies that mindful eating is the best way to reduce overeating. These mindfulness practices may include

  • Eating slowly
  • Taking small bites
  • Chewing
  • Awareness of senses
  • Appreciation of food

 (6) Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

You can eat the food that is rich in fiber like beans, vegetables, and oats. People who eat fiber-rich food like oatmeal for breakfast can lose body weight. You can add beans to your salad, and eating vegetables at every meal can help you to reduce the amount of consumption of food.

(7) Eat Regular Meals

When people try to lose body weight, they cut out a meal to decrease the number of calories. For example, you don’t take breakfast, and then you will eat more later in a day. So if you eat regularly, it will be better than skipping meals at any time. Studies show that eating more frequently throughout the day can decrease hunger and overall food intake.

So it would be best if you took a regular meal to overcome the habits of overeating. Studies show that eating more frequently throughout the day can decrease hunger and overall food intake. So it would be best if you took a regular meal to overcome the habits of overeating.

(8) Fill up on Protein

Proteins can help to keep you full throughout the day, and it will help to decrease the desire to overeat. For example, if you eat high protein breakfast, it will reduce your hunger and snacking later in a day. If you eat eggs at breakfast, it will help to lower the level of Ghrelin. As we all know, Ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for stimulating hunger. Further adding a high protein snack like Greek yogurt can also help to eat less throughout the day. This will help you stop over eating.

(9) Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels

If you eat white bread, cookies, candy, and other carbohydrates, it will disturb your blood sugar level. The fluctuations in blood sugar can promote hunger as well as a result in overeating.

So you should choose the food with lower glycemic indexes as it will prevent the blood sugar spikes and hence reduces the overeating. You can also want to eat beans, rice, and oats for this purpose.

(10) Slow Down

If people eat too quickly, it may cause you to overeat and can create to gain bodyweight. Slow eating can cause increased fullness and decrease hunger. So take the time to chew food to reduce the overall food intake and increase the feeling of fullness. So by focusing on eating slowly and chewing thoroughly will help you to recognize signs of fullness and reduce overeating.

(11) Watch Your Alcohol Intake

If you drink alcohol, it may cause you to overeat by lowering your inhabitation and stimulating your appetite. If you take several drinks in one sitting, it will lead to an increase in the level of hunger. So cut back the amount of alcohol will help to reduce the overeating.

(12) Replace Sugary Beverages With Water

If people drink sugary beverages like juice and soda, it will lead to weight gain and increase the chances of chronic diseases like diabetes. Studies show that consuming sweet drinks with meals can lead to overeating. Further, the research also shows that adults who drink sugary beverages with meals consumed 7.8 % more food as compared to those people who consume water with meals.

So avoid drinking sugary beverages to control the overeating habits.

(13) Check-in With Yourself

If you overeat, then think about yourself and understand the urge to eat. There are two factors like depressions and boredom, which are linked to overeating. There are some actions needed to break the cycle. If you take a new activity to enjoy, it will help to prevent boredom and distract you from the urge to nibble. If you feel depression is causing the habits of overeating, then you can get some guidance from mental health professionals.

(14) Ditch the Diet Mentality

If you eat fad diets, it will not help to stop overeating in the long run. In the short term, restrictive diets can lead to weight loss, but it can cause problems for you in the future. Instead, make some long term style changes that will promote your health and wellness. It is the best way to create a good relationship with food and prevent the habits of overeating.

(15)  Break Old Habits

Food habits are not easy to break. Many people feel comfortable to eat in front of the TV. Although it may take some time to identify unhealthy behaviors and control them. Y to adopt some healthy habit which will help you to control overeating. For example, try to eat at the dinner table instead of in front of a meal.

These are some suggestions for those people who are worried about overeating and increased body weight. Increased body weight can also affect human health like heart attack and diabetes. So if people follow the above suggestions, they may be able to control the habits of overeating and maintain reasonable body weight.

So if you keep on eye on these 15 points you are more likely will stop over eating.

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