If I Running 5 Miles A Day Will I Lose Weight?

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Running 5 Miles a Day

If you are looking to lose the extra fat (running 5 miles a day) from your belly and give yourself an impressive and perfect look you need to be very cautious regarding the daily routine exercise and choosing healthy food. Healthy food and proper exercise is the only way through which you can reduce your weight and get a better shape for your body appearance. They are interlinked with each other and both need to be followed strictly to receive the benefits. It is not possible that you exercise for an hour and later consume junk food. However, there are several products available in the market that promise a weight loss program but it doesn’t feel effective and needs to be consumed for a longer period which results in spending a lot of money in losing weight. There is a need to understand that running 5 miles a day is an effective way that makes you feel healthier and also helps in reducing the weight effectively. This article will help to deliver the answer to the question that if I running 5 miles a day will I lose weight along with the proper strategic plan that needs to be strictly followed to receive the benefits.

If you are looking to lose weight, it is suggested to run 5 miles in a day or if you are using the pedometer you need to meet the target of walking 10,000 steps. There are several reasons to follow this metric prescribed by the health professional and doctor which are detailed below

  • Starting Point: When a person decides to perform the exercise, the initial thing that strikes the mind is heavy weight lifting and swimming. These are one of the effective ways however it doesn’t last comfortable for a longer period due to busy and hectic schedule of the young professional and they might end up in quitting which lead to side effect. If you want to remain healthy and look to give time for weight loss, walking or running 5 miles in a day is the most convenient exercise as it maintains body pressure and steadily helps in removing the extra fat while running.
  • Muscles and Joints: Fast Running and walking are identified as the best form of exercise as they can help with muscle and joint pain. It is not easy for kids and senior citizens to lift the heavyweight as might it create cramps in the shoulder, but walking is the best exercise which is favorable for both genders irrespective of their gender. This form of exercise helps to improve strength and flexibility.

How Much Weight Can You Lose From Running 5 miles a day?

Running consistently does take some work, however with utmost dedication and confidence, the outcome will be great. If an individual is able to run 5 miles in a day, he or she is been able to burn 500 calories during such form of exercise and if followed strictly helps to lose around 3,500 calories in a week that facilitates individual to start losing extra fat.

If you are comfortable spending time running 5 miles in a day, below are some of the things that need to be taken into consideration to execute your plan or strategy effectively.

Running 5 Miles a Day
Running 5 Miles a Day

Time to Complete (running 5 miles a day)

The time required to complete the task is depending on the speed and intervals taken during running. There is no need to push your limit very much at an early stage, as when you are following the routine, it will gradually decrease the time taken to complete it. While considering the causal outlook, 5 miles walking took around 1 hour 15 minutes, therefore if you are following the running exercise 35 to 45 minutes is sufficient to complete the task. However, it is recommended to be cautious and follow the strategy as a beginner so that you can learn and improvise without affecting health conditions.

Burning Calories

It is a good practice as it helps the person to burn the calories, however, it is also essential to choose the healthy food as it a proper meal is not followed, and the benefits of running 5 miles in a day wouldn’t be satisfactory. If any person is stick to a diet, it is significant to make effective changes to link a great association between exercise and food consumed. The most common target for an innovative diet refers to liquid calories. Therefore, if someone is consuming a lot of sugary drinks such as soda or cold drinks, it is advisable to replace them with water. The recommended intake of water in a day is 8 glasses which makes individuals hydrated and fit for doing any form of exercise.

Plan (running 5 miles a day)

It is quite important to have a plan or strategy while looking to lose the weight because doesn’t come in a day, it requires proper dedication and strict guideline to meets its objectives.

  • Week 1: In the initial week, it is not required to track the distance, just make sure to run 15minutes if you are a beginner. If you are able to run effectively without having much pain, then you are doing great.
  • Week 2: During week 2nd, you have to push yourself to run at least 25 minutes in a day. This will help to boost your confidence and also start tracking your heart rate during running with a digital device available to you.
  • Week 3: By week three, you need to follow the strict guidelines and make sure to running 5 miles in a day and also get a sports shoe that fits comfortably to you.
  • Week 4: In week 4th, you will be able to see the results, however, don’t get relaxed just follow the task continuously and also attempt to adopt some other form of exercise which could assist in losing weight naturally and effectively.


If you are worried hearing running 5 miles in a day, it is quite obvious therefore the basic plan is been explained so that you can slowly and steadily meet the high bar and receive the utmost benefit of running 5 miles in a day. Once you are confident and punctual in following the plan, results would be worth your effort made.

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