Really, Can Vinegar Cause A Miscarriage!

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Really, Can Vinegar Cause A Miscarriage

Can vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Having a strong crave for vinegar is common during pregnancy. It’s important to call your doctor if you are having a strong desire to drink vinegar even though it is safe.

What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Vinegar

Pregnancy is one of the dreams of every woman for those who are married and not married. The joy of having a baby is second to none. It is such a period when a pregnant woman is careful of what she eat or drink.
There are many foods, drinks and even beverages than can cause a problem and increase the risk of miscarriage. This problem can affect both the unborn baby and the expectant woman. In order to avoid things that can lead to a higher risk of pregnancy loss, the American Pregnancy Association came to be.
There are many foods and drinks that the American Pregnancy Association advised every pregnant woman to avoid. Some of them include caffeine, eggs and meat that are not cooked well. Others are raw shellfish, soft cheeses and other harmful seafood meals. 

Expectant mothers are known to have many craving and to drink vinegar is one of them. As a result of this craving and other reasons, there are many questions concerning drinking vinegar during pregnancy. From this article, you will know if it safe or not to take it when pregnant.

Really, Can Vinegar Cause A Miscarriage
Really, Can Vinegar Cause A Miscarriage

Can Vinegar Cause a Miscarriage?

It is important to know what vinegar is before knowing if it is good on the immune system of pregnant women. Vinegar which is also as called acetic acid is an acidic fluid. It is made from fermentation and used for cooking.

A dash of common vinegar is not harmful and as a result, don’t cause pregnancy loss. It does not matter if it is taken during early pregnancy or not. Drinking vinegar can even provide health benefits to a pregnant woman.

Benefits of Drinking Vinegar During Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers are traditionally advised to drink vinegar by midwives. Dunking of vinegar is considered as a method to prevent iron deficiency anaemia.
There are different studies that have been carried out to support this health benefit. In the year 2002, an investigation was carried out by a group of German scientists to know what vinegar does levels of blood iron in pregnant women.
The result of this study showed that no harmful reaction took place and anaemia was prevented. 

Some ladies make use of vinegar for the treatment of discomforts like heartburn and common nausea that take place during pregnancy. However, there are no clinical tests to support this.

Craving for Vinegar During Pregnancy

As earlier stated, vinegar is one of the common cravings an expectant mother ask for. Although vinegar and other tart foods that a pregnant woman crave for do not harm them, informing your doctor when the desire is much is very important.

This strong desire can is not only for vinegar.

Other food that is not nutritious that an expectant mother craves for include ash, sand, starch and clay.
When you experience this desire, consult your doctor immediately as it can be an indication for pica is present.
Pica is a symptom an expectant mother can have that is related to mental illness or poor nutrients.

Using Vinegar For Birth Control

From a non-profit organisation known as Planned Parenthood which advocates access to abortion and birth control legally, some expectant mothers are using vinegar to remove an unborn baby they do not want at the moment.
However, whether vinegar is an abortifacient is yet to be proven.
There is no supporting evidence to it at any stage of the pregnancy. Only anecdote and urban folklore support vinegar as a substance used for home abortion.

Potential Risks and Miscarriage

If you are pregnant with a baby you do not want to keep, vinegar is unlikely to trigger a miscarriage successfully. Even though vinegar is not harmful and has no recorded risk, every home abortion is very dangerous.

The price needs to be avoided.

When there is no medical supervision, there is a risk of infection from a “natural” miscarriages and can cause death of the expectant mother.

Final Thought 

Can vinegar cause a miscarriage?

Every woman looks for the day she will be pregnant. When it occurs, there is joy and as a result, a high level of carefulness is observed. Some of the foods taken before pregnancy are avoided such as eggs and meats that are not well cooked.
An expectant mother does crave for many tart foods in which vinegar is one.
As a result of this, it becomes a topic for a pregnant woman if it will harm them or their baby because of its acidic nature. This substance does not harm a pregnant woman.
There are no miscarriages occur when it is taken into the body. Rather, the body has health benefits.

So there is no reason for the alarm!

Really, Can Vinegar Cause A Miscarriage!

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