Stroke vs Heart Attacks: Detailed Comparison Of Reason And Treatment Procedures

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Strokes Vs Heart Attack

Stroke vs heart attacks share the identical underlying reasons and risk factors; which could be life-threatening, however, have complete distinct symptoms seen in the patient. There are several similarities seen in the treatment and prevention related to both attacks. In this article, we will discuss regarding the similarities and difference that exist between the heart attacks and strokes through reviewing the medical literature from various researches made.

What is Heart Attack?

Heart attack took place due to sudden damage occurs to the heart muscle portion and can even lead to death. The damage made to the portion of the heart muscle is due to the blocked coronary artery that restricts oxygen to enter the muscle tissue of heart and create suffocation in the patient body. According to studies and researches made, it is reported that Heart attacks refers as the most common reason of death in United States. Heart attacks can result in permanent damage of the heart muscle and if damage is large, patient may die.

Strokes Vs Heart Attack
Strokes Vs Heart Attack

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when the patient brain tissue becomes deprived of oxygen and further damages the brain tissue which might even result in death. The most common reason of stroke is defined as blood clot which seems to block the blood vessel in the patient brain. Strokes possibly result in permanent damage of the brain tissue and also been recognized as fifth most common reason for death in United States.

HOW DOES IT OCCUR?Blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked.Blood supply to the brain tissue is blocked
REASON OF OCCURRENCEHardening of the artery that supplies blood to the heart muscle which further results in the plaque creation and clotting.The clot created gets lodged in the brain tissue of the patient.
2. Lack of balanced diet
3. No physical exercise
4. Stress
5. High cholesterol
1. Smoking
2. Lack of balanced diet
3. No physical exercise
4. Stress
5. High cholesterol
Table 1: Strokes vs Heart Attack (General Overview)

The Stroke compared with heart attacks refers as ischemic stroke which took place due to the blocked blood supply to the brain tissue. There are various type of stroke took place such as hemorrhagic stroke or stroke associated with the bleed brain. However, stroke with brain bleed is completely different disease seen in the patients, therefore we are not including it for comparison and use ischemic stroke for comparison with the heart attack.

The major difference that exists between Heart attacks and Stroke refers to the organ damaged due to the attack. From the Table 1, it is seen that during Heart attacks, heart is damage and strokes damages the brain tissues.

Symptoms Of StrokeSymptoms Of Heart Attack
1. Blunting of smile line on one side of the face.

2. Distorted face.

3. Weakness of lips and inability to speak clearly.

4. Drooling.

5. Unable to move the arm easily.

6. Sudden onset blurry vision seen in eyes.

7. Suddenly seeing double images.
1. Heavy pain experienced in the middle of the chest.

2. Sudden fast beating of heartbeat.

3. Sudden onset chest paining

4. Unable to move the arm effectively

5. Sudden pain in the jaw or left arm.Heavy sweating from the body
Table 2: Different Symptoms Of Strokes vs Heart Attack

From the analysis of different symptoms, it can easily be understood that Heart attack and strokes doesn’t share any identical symptoms and been entirely different. However, they share similar pattern and negative aspect to the patient body. From the medical literature, it is reviewed that both Stroke vs Heart Attack took place suddenly when the blood supply is cut off just as turning the light off.

Important Considerations Related To Symptoms Of Stroke vs Heart Attack

  1. If you are having one of the symptoms discussed above regarding the stroke vs Heart Attack. There is no need to wait for other symptoms to appear, immediately contact the emergency service that possibly helps to save your brain or heart at the earlier stage itself.
  2. It could be case that might you don’t have any symptoms of Heart Attack but still face the attack pain on the heart muscles due to the fact that symptoms of Heart Attack varies widely. Therefore, don’t waste your time in matching the symptoms mentioned above, if you feel symptoms close to the discussed symptoms of heart attack, immediately contact the emergency service and avail the medical assistance at earliest.
  3. From the medical literature, it is been reviewed that during several cases, individual facing stroke possibly not notice the change in speech, coordination or memory. If your family member is behaving in a different manner, there might be the chance of having stroke, so just call for medical assistance.
  4. While looking at the mentioned symptoms of stroke, you possibly discover the theme of asymmetry or balance. The symptoms of strokes are generally unbalanced, majorly influencing one part of the side. Therefore, if you find any symptoms to be asymmetric or unbalanced, it is recommended to consult the medical team as might it could be the case of Stroke.

Comparison Of Treatment Of Stroke VS Heart Attacks

While considering the present time, it could be said that treatment of both Heart attack and strokes has improved significantly which enhances the chance of improvement and recovery among the patient. The outcome related to Heart Attack treatment can be changed significantly if issue is diagnosed at earlier stage and provided treatment accordingly. It is reviewed from the medical literature that if the medical team or doctor is able to open up the blocked artery within 90 minutes of the heart attack, chance of recovery will be quite high and can save the heart muscle effectively.

While considering the major stroke, the initial treatment provided to patient refers as clot-busting medicine as it work effective if given within 3 hours of the stroke attack to the patient. The effectiveness of Heart Attack treatment is quite good in comparison to the Stroke treatment. When the clot-busting treatment doesn’t deliver the desired result, doctor tries to eliminate the clot by putting the small tube which is further guided to the artery of brain such as done in the major heart attack treatment.

Prevention Ideas For Strokes vs Heart Attacks

Here are some of the prevention ideas discussed that helps the patient to cope up with the heart attack and stroke listed below:

  1. If patient already faces the heart attack, it is recommended to take proper care of the heart that eventually decreases the chance of having stroke. The patient is required to follow the complete medication prescribed by the authorized doctor to increase chance of recovery and improvement in body.
  2. In case, if patient already faced stroke, it is required to follow up with the heart specialists to check the heart muscle functioning.
  3. If you are consuming tobacco or smoking, it is strictly recommended to quit if you face any sort of symptoms related to Stroke vs heart attack.
  4. The Diabetic patients needs to check their blood sugar on regular interval and make sure to get it control to avoid the chance of having stroke vs Heart attack.
  5. Patient having the abnormal heart rhythm which is called A Fib, he or she is required to consume the blood thinner that helps to prevent blood from clotting inside the heart
Strokes Vs Heart Attacks
Strokes Vs Heart Attacks


It can be concluded that both Stroke vs Heart attack are most common causes of death in US. However, both are totally different in common symptoms and therefore can easily be differentiated on such basis. The treatment of Heart attack seems to be more effective in comparison to the Stroke treatment. With the proper care and consideration, one must can avoid such diseases or if already faced can improve the chance of recovery with personal care and medical assistance.

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