Understanding The Physical Side Of The Health Triangle

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Health Triangle

The health triangle is defined as the measure of various health aspects including physical, social and mental health. A person is said to be healthy if he or she meets the mentioned health condition. The physical health of the human deal with the body ability to work and includes several elements such as exercise, sleep, nutrition and follow the weight management plan to remain physically fit and active. Mental health of an individual deals with the ability to control thoughts and emotions, however social health represents the relationship and how an individual communicate within the society. This article will help to provide the information that how physical health can be maintained and significance of health triangle monitoring to human beings.

When an individual is constantly under stress, it may also develop physical symptoms as well such as headache, upset stomach condition and issue with sleep and sexual relationship with the partner. Stress lead to emotional problem as well such as panic attack, depression and different type of anxiety felt within the body. The health triangle is a significant tool that helps to visualize the important sides of the human health Physical, Mental and Social.

What is the biggest difference between health and wellness?

For understanding the different among two terms mentioned above in short, it can be said that health refers as the state of being, however wellness defines the state of living a healthy lifestyle. It can affect physical, social and mental well-being.

How can I improve my health triangle?

  • Components of Physical Health
  • Sufficient sleeping hours ( 8 hours)
  • Intake 8 cups of water on daily basis.
  • Consumer the nutritious food
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Avoid junk food or stale food
  • Right quantity of calorie needs to be intake.
  • Perform physical exercise such as walking, running or cycling.
  • Regular health check-up
  • Bath and floss teeth regularly
  • Avoid the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.

These are some of the ways through which an individual can maintain its physical health and sustain a healthier and engaging lifestyle by reducing the chance of disease or infections.

How to Maintain a Balanced Health Triangle

It is recommended to discover that you are lacking from the above health triangle assessment, put more effort or focus on the areas where improvement is needed. Each side of the health triangle is equally vital to control the overall health lifestyle and balanced health triangle. Therefore, it is necessary to give equal importance to each side to avoid any issue with the health conditions.

Nutrition and Diet

It is the most important aspect to improve the physical health as healthy diet provides energy to the human body to perform the physical activity and keeps the immune system strong to fight against the infection.

Stay Hydrated

It is seen that usually doesn’t have water consuming plan due to which issue of dehydration took place. The youth professional doesn’t put consideration on this aspect and due to which they are facing headache and migraine problems which is quite common nowadays. It is recommended by the expert that it is necessary to intake 8 cups of water to remain hydrated and healthy. The hydration helps to regulate the body temperature and cleanses the body fluids of the toxins and regulates mood.


The daily physical activity of walking, running or cycling is quite important for human to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The person needs to give 30 minutes at least to perform such activity as it makes them physical fit and avoid gaining unnecessary weight or fat over the stomach. It is also advisable to incorporate the physical movement throughout the day to remain engaged and active while performing any sort of work.

Health Triangle
Health Triangle


It is seen that most people doesn’t feel fresh after waking up, the main reason behind such is insufficient sleep. It is recommended to have at least 8 hours sound sleep to keep their mind fresh and physical fit as well. Going to bed and waking up at the regular times helps individual to maintain an effective physical health and feel confident and refreshed.


During summer, it is advisable to apply sunscreen while moving outside the house as it helps to protect the skin tissue which eventually reduces the chance of skin cancer and also prevent premature aging.

Doctor Checkups

The regular health checkup and visit to doctor helps to diagnose the infection or disease at an early stage, therefore chance of health issue also lower down. The doctor will monitor several aspects such as blood pressure, nerve rate, and weight of the body including other sign that creates a good health condition.

Practice Mindfulness

The process of practicing the mindfulness can help individual to be calm and focus on thoughts. This will also help individual to be more confident and positive in communication and results in more positive mindset and ideology among others.


The person have to get involved within the community through volunteering as it helps them to get connected with the society, making relationship and paves the path toward the innovative career opportunities.

Start maintaining your health triangle with the following steps:

  1. Carry out the  health triangle assessment with the printable worksheet
  2. Recognize the areas of the health triangle which are lacking in the health assessment.
  3. Identify a few ways to maintain the aspects of the health triangle you are doing well
  4. Identify a few ways to improve the aspects
  5. Continue to maintain those aspects regularly


It can be said a person is health only if it meets all three component of the health triangle i.e. including physical, social and mental health. The health triangle includes the several aspects following the health condition and also helps individual to understand the areas of improvements which is lacking. It is suggested to follow all the essential steps discussed above to meet the requirement of good health condition and live the healthier lifestyle.

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