Waking Up At Night Hot But Not Sweating

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Waking Up At Night Hot But Not Sweating

Why waking up at night hot but not sweating. Everyone desire to have a good sleep. In some cases, even after having a good sleep environment, we end up not enjoying our sleep because of sweat or feeling hot. This has made many to wake up in the night for a hot bath. It is important to note that our body systems are unique.

While some have excessive sweating at night, others do not. Over the years, there are many complaints from patients to doctors in regards to night sweats. Night sweats simply mean excess sweating as one sleeps. There are many factors that can contribute to this. You are likely to sweat while staying asleep if your room is hot and if you are wearing many bedclothes.

This is no cause for alarm in this case. True night sweats, on the other hand, are severe hot flashes that occur in the night causing drenching of your clothes and bedsheets and have no relationship with an environment that is overheated. 

Flushing which is redness of the body parts and warmth is not the same with true night sweats though differentiating them may be difficult. 

Waking Up At Night Hot But Not Sweating
Waking Up At Night Hot But Not Sweating

Why do I feel hot at night but not Sweaty

There are many things that contributed to you feeling hot for no reason. They include:

Stress or anxiety

If you are always stressed out or having anxiety, the tendency of being hot at night is high. The sympathetic nervous system in a human has many things to do in the amount of sweat and how the response to emotional stress physically.

Food and drink

The following food or drink will increase your body temperature, especially in the night: alcohol, spicy food and caffeine.


This is a condition that might make you feel hot with little or no seat. Some of the symptoms are dizziness, muscle cramps, inability to cool down and flushing.

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

You will have increased body temperature that will make you hot if you have multiple sclerosis.


You might feel hot if you have either diabetes type 1 or 2 especially if you have poor glucose control and develops complications such as blood vessel damage and nerve.

Waking Up At Night Hot But Not Sweating

Having night sweats can be caused by many reasons. To trace the cause of the night sweats, there is need for your doctor to have your medical history. With this, he can proceed into ordering tests to ascertain the medical condition that is responsible.

Some causes of night sweats include:

  • Menopause
  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Idiopathic hyperhidrosis
  • Medications
  • Hormone disorder

You will get to know how the medication conditions listed above can result in night sweats.

Menopause: The hot flashes that follow menopause can take place at night. The hot flashes can cause you to sweat while you are sleeping. This medical condition is one of the reasons women have night sweats. 

Infections: Tuberculosis is another common infection that can make you have excessive sweating in the night. You tend to see your clothes and sheets drenched in your sweats making it difficult for you to fall asleep again. Other bacteria infections such as osteomyelitis which is the inflammation in the bone, endocarditis which is inflammation in the heart valves and abscesses can all cause night sweats. It is also important to know that night sweat is one of the symptoms of HIV infection. This shows the importance of having a regular medical check-up to know if you have one infection or the other. 

Cancers: Cancer is one of the chronic diseases in the world today. One of the early symptoms of certain cancers is night sweats. Lymphoma is the commonest cancer that causes the patient to sweat too much. Nevertheless, some people with undiagnosed cancer also have other symptoms as well beside night sweat. They experience fever and weight loss they can not explain

Idiopathic hyperhidrosis: This is another reason why you might sweet in the night making you stay awake. This medication condition involves too much production of sweat without a medical trace behind it. 

Medications: There are some medications that when it is ingested can cause you to sweat in the night. Some of the medications that cause you to have night sweats are Antidepressant. Over 20% of people who take these medications end up having night sweats in their sleep. Another medication linked to night sweats is a psychiatric drug. Acetaminophen, aspirin and other drugs used to reduce fever can cause you to be hot and sweaty. There are many other drugs that lead to flushing or night sweats. You may also have night sweats if your blood sugar level is low. Those that take oral diabetes drugs or insulin may suffer from hypoglycemia during the night. This is followed by sweating. 

Hormone disorders: There are different hormone disorders that can lead to flushing or sweating. Some of such hormone disorders are hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma and carcinoid syndrome. 

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