What does dragon fruit taste like? Eat dragon fruit

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what does dragon fruit taste like

Have you ever wonder, what does dragon fruit taste like? Let’s take an overview of the fruit.

By pronouncing the name, the very first image in our mind is of those dragons which we have seen in different movies. On the other hand, dragon fruit is a beautiful pink color juicy and very healthy fruit.

Have you ever heard the name strawberry pear or pitaya? If yes, then let us tell you that these are all the other names of dragon fruit. Its origin is from the plant of cactus. Surprised? Well, there are very limited species of cactus and one of them is this fruit. It is called after the name of the dragon because it has slightly tilt oval-shaped with scales like texture on its body. The body of the majority of dragon fruits is pinkish-red in color and white from inside, but the scales and crown are green, making it very beautiful for the eyes. Apart from it, they also came in purple and red internal color. One dragon fruit has yellow outer skin. They contain black seeds in their body just as many other fruits like figs or kiwi etc.

Pear like crunchiness with watermelon sweetness and a little tingling kiwi flavor make this fruit worth eating for. People usually judge by its appearance that it can be hard to cut and consume but surprisingly, it’s not the case.

Cutting dragon fruit

Its skin looks very hard but it is not that hard in cutting. Simply divide it into two halves. Hold a knife and start separating flesh from the skin. It will be easily separated. Also, you can grab a spoon and just separate the internal part easily. You can only eat the internal part as the outer one is not edible. This is eaten fresh. So just cut the internal part as your preference like in slices or cubes and eat it right away.

Dragon fruit has a very delicious taste. You can eat it raw or you can make different recipes, drinks or smoothies from it, It’s very easy to cut and consume it. There are several different recipes and ways to eat them. You will simply love all of the ways it is presented or swallowed because of its creamy and delicious taste.

There are numerous health benefits related to it. Let’s have a look at them.

Health benefits of dragonfruit

Have you ever heard about the bucket of nutrition? This word fits upon dragonfruit. Let us explain to you why.

This fruit has numerous vitamins, iron, magnesium,  fiber, and minerals. Apart from this, it is very low in calories and has zero fats. It has several antioxidants too. Doctors mostly recommend all of us to take an iron-enriched supplement but to consume vitamin C along with it to absorb iron. If doctors recommend a bunch of iron and vitamin C tablets, you can avoid them both by just having the dragonfruit. Nature has placed them both in dragonfruit so you don’t have to take an extra vitamin to absorb iron in your body. This is a miraculous fruit. Many deep-rooted diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart issues are all get cured by consuming this fruit daily.

Dragonfruit helps in building a stronger immune system by protecting your white blood cells. Your body constantly needs to fight against certain diseases to keep you healthy. Cancer patients have a destroyed immune system which is the reason that they just can’t get a speedy recovery. The stronger immune system leads to a healthy life. Keep on eating dragonfruit for a healthy life and a stronger body.

Magnesium is an essential part of the human body. Its quantity is nearly one ounce in our body and almost all the cells contain a small portion of magnesium. This is how important magnesium is to our bodies. Dragonfruit is a rich source of magnesium. To have a stronger and powerful heart, a good quantity of magnesium should be taken. This quantity can be achieved by eating this fruit daily.

Let’s discuss the dragon fruit plant now.

What does dragon fruit taste like
Dragon fruit or Pitaya Pitahaya plantation in Thailand Hylocercus undatus

Dragon fruit plant

Cultivation of the dragon fruit plant is done using the seeds in its internal area. Seeds should be properly cleaned and dried before placing them in the pot. Seeds will germinate after two weeks. Make sure to place the plant with any wall or stand as the plant will climb on any of these things while growing.

Dragon fruit plant is a species of cactus and needs a warm environment with very little water during its growth. Dragon fruit is originated from America but also grow in Indonesia and Australia.

You can also grow a dragon fruit plant using a cutting of its stem. Before placing it in soil, dry it for up to a week. After that, you can put it in soil and water it on a monthly or after three weeks. When your dragon fruit plant is ready to produce fruits. Don’t pluck it in a few days because it will take around four to five weeks by a dragonfruit to get fully ripe. It turns pinkish-red in color after completely ripe and you can then take it off from the plant and consume it.

Generally, it takes up to five years for a dragon fruit plant to become a mini tree, only then it will give fruit. Its tree has a stronger stem and it has large leaves with not so wider width. Buds are formed on the corner of leaves and through these buds fruit is produced.

Have you ever wonder, what does dragon fruit taste like? Let’s take an overview of it.

What does dragon fruit taste like

Pinkish red color this fruit with a whiter body from inside and many black seeds is a huge source of nutrients and has a very delicious taste. Everyone think about, what does dragon fruit taste like? We will explain it to you. (what does dragon fruit taste like)

Despite its different appearance, this fruit has a sweet flavor and creamy texture. It contains a high portion of water in it which makes it juicy. When you first take a bite, it melts into your mouth and gave you a sense of creaminess and freshness.

Many people who ate dragon fruit are asked, what does dragon fruit taste like? A number of them answered the same. They said combine kiwi and strawberry or kiwi, pear and watermelon and imagine the taste. Have you imagined it? Now, what if I ask you that tell me, how does dragon fruit taste like by your imagination. What will be your answer? Let me guess. You will probably say that it has a sweet, juicy, crunchy like pear and at the same time a tangy flavor like kiwi or strawberry right? You imagined it right. Dragon fruit is just like that.

This fruit is not found everywhere and in every season. It stays in season from the start of summer to mid of fall. If you have tried dragon fruit then people mostly ask you that, what does dragon fruit taste like? Now you have the answer by thinking about kiwi, watermelon, pear, and strawberries.

Well, the discussion keeps going on, as we have found this fruit very tasty and healthy at the same time. But this is not it. There are many ways to consume it. Let’s have a look at how to eat dragon fruit?

How to eat dragon fruit?

When people look at this fruit, they always think about how to eat dragon fruit. The answer to it covers a whole topic because several recipes and many ways are there to eat dragon fruit.

Before eating, fruit should be selected carefully. Choose fruit with a bright pinkish-red tone which is even on all the surface. Press dragonfruit with your fingers, if it is soft, you can buy it but make sure it’s neither too soft nor too hard. Next, open in up vertically into two halves and scoop out the inner portion. The very next question in your mind will be, how to eat dragon fruit? Have a look at all these ways:

  • Slice it or cut into cubes and consume as it is
  • Make smoothies
  • Add the cubes of fruit into skewers along with other fruits
  • Make salads and desserts
  • Make sorbet with water
  • Make cocktails etc

After reading these numerous ways, now you should be very clear about, how to eat dragon fruit. Let’s discuss some of the popular recipes and their making using dragon fruit.

For the heavenly fruit salad, mix dragon fruit with kiwi, berries, and mangoes. Make smoothies by mixing it with coconut water and other fruits. One thing that fascinates you in its smoothies is that it has a very beautiful dark pink shade which seems very pleasant to eyes and tastes like magic. Make beautiful-looking desserts with this fruit. Ice-cream rolls are a new way to enjoy fruit in your ice-cream. Make a dragonfruit ice-cream roll and try it to give vibrations to your taste buds. Next time don’t just keep on thinking that, how to eat dragon fruit. Just choose away from above and enjoy the heavenly taste.

It finally sums up that dragon fruit is unique and very tasty. If you want to shake your taste buds, just give this fruit a try. It has minimum calories and zero fats which makes it a healthy and tasty option to try in odd times hunger as well. A lot of health benefits in one place make it before others. Do give it a try and thanks us later.

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