What Does It Mean When You Crave Chocolate

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what does it mean when you crave chocolate

What does it mean when you crave chocolate? It is common to crave for chocolate but you can deal with it in many healthy ways. An example is a chocolate that contains cacao which contains less sugar and more antioxidants. 

Why You Crave For Chocolate 

what does it mean when you crave chocolate
What does it mean when you crave chocolate

It is common for people to have food cravings especially foods that are high in sugar. One of these foods that are high in sugar and have fat is chocolate. It has high craving in America.
You are not alone if you have sugar cravings. From this article, you will know why you might be craving for chocolate and how to go about it. 

What does it mean when you crave chocolate

Some of the reason that might make you crave for chocolate and things you can do include: 

1. For a sugar fix

Chocolates are produced with cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Sweeteners and some other ingredients such as milk powder, nuts and sugar are added to it.
The chocolate fat comes from cacao butter. There are different amounts of cocoa powder in different types of chocolate.
While the concentration of cocoa powder is very high in dark chocolate, it is very low in white chocolate.

Since cocoa in its natural taste is better, plenty of sugar is added to it. The body absorbs this sugar very fast. It is believed that high sugar increases the mood for a short period.
Nevertheless, most studies suggest that the mixture of sugar and fat is the reason why some good are so addictive.

Chocolates such as Hershey’s milk contains 24 grams of sugar while some chocolate bars that have nougat, marshmallow and caramel may have extra sugar. Refined carbohydrates together with sugar are additive.

Things to do

Women should not go over 25 grams of sugar every day according to the American Heart Association. They also advised men not to go above 25 grams of sugar. By eating chocolate that contains a high cacao percentage you can reduce the amount of sugar you take.

2. Hungry

Hunger is one of the reasons why you are craving for chocolate. The human body craves for refined sugar when hungry and most chocolates are sugary.

You will still be hungry after eating chocolate as it gives a temporary but quick sugar rush.

Things to do

You can induce your chocolate craving by eating something else before getting hungry.
The thought to feed on chocolate will reduce. Look for foods that contain a low amount of sugar like potato chips.
Foods that have a high percentage of protein are also encouraged as eating them keeps you full for a longer period.

You can go for high fibre foods to keep you full.

3. For a caffeine boost

The amount of caffeine in chocolate bars is little. During the processing of cacao, the caffeine amount decreases. Most of the chocolate bars contain below 10 mg of caffeine.
You will feel alert and awake as caffeine improves the central nervous system. It also has an effect on some neurotransmitters levels in your head like dopamine.

This adds to its addictive nature. Caffeine also serves as an energy booster which might make you crave for or more.

Things to do

You should go for black tea if you need caffeine boosting as it is rich in antioxidants.

4. Stress, culture and out of habit

This is another reason behind chocolate cravings.
Over 50% of women in America craze for chocolate when they are close to their period. There is no biological explanation yet to know why this is so.

This craving can also be as a result of out of habit which they believe is normal.

Also, when you are stressed, uncomfortable or depressed, it is very easy to look for the chocolate to make you feel good.

Things to do 

To know your habitual cravings, learn how to eat mindfully. You should ask yourself why you are craving for chocolate; whether it is because you are hungry or not.

Find an alternative like leafy greens or eat moderately. Although your energy levels might increase after eating chocolate, be mindful while eating.

5. You need magnesium 

Craving for chocolate can be as a result of magnesium deficiency in the body.

Chocolate contains a high amount of magnesium as when it is low in your body, the craving comes.

Things to do

You can get supplements that are rich in magnesium in the pharmacist store such as whole grains, raw almond ls and black beans.

How you can eat chocolate

Looking for chocolate that has a high percentage of cacao is one of the healthiest ways to get and eat chocolate.

Chocolate that contains a high percentage of cacao less sugar and more antioxidants than other chocolate bars.

The benefits of cacao include memory boosting, Inflammation reduction, stress reduction, immune system boosting etc.

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