Which Direction To Sleep Scientifically

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which direction to sleep scientifically

The direction of your head as you sleep has its effect on your general health and well-being. If you must overcome your sleep disorder, you must sleep in the right direction. So which direction to sleep scientifically.

The Best Direction To Sleep

There are many people who have sleep disorders that make them wake up feeling bad. How to have a good sleep is the concern of many affected.
Your sleep facing north, east-west or head toward the north have their effects. You may have the knowledge of using dark curtains in your room when getting good sleep is discussed.
Staying in a room with lower temperature and other healthy habits might not be new to you in sleeping well. You may have read or heard information about feng shui and Vastu Shastra sleeping principles.

Which Direction to Sleep Scientifically

Feng shui is an old practice that existed in China. This practice has its focus on placement and energy in your life every day. It includes space to get balance. 

Vastu Shastra has its focus on Indian architectural balances. These balances are science-based. It is directly translated as “science of architecture.”

The two sleeping practices have similar principles but different histories.
People can have health benefit or damage in their health from how spaces are designed.

The two practices are based on the four cardinal points:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West

The practices also based on the five main nature elements namely:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Space
  • Water

There is more to the two practical beyond having good sleep hygiene. The practices also believe your general sleep health and quality has a lot to do with the way you lie down to sleep at night.

astu Shastra Recommended Sleeping Direction

Vastu Shastra deals primarily with space. This is the reason the scientific principles are adapted by many in Indian architectural use and design. In regards to sleep position, it is believed that “panch bhutas” or space has an interaction with sun and wind. It also has an interaction with other elements for affecting our health or well-being.
Lying down with your head pointing towards the south is Vastu Shastra sleeping direction that is recommended. The worst direction to sleep is a north to south body position. The head has polar-like attraction and it has to be facing south while you are sleeping to attract opposite poles.

Is Vastu Shastra Effective Practice?

The advantages of Vastu Shastra sleeping practice need extra clinical backing.
However, there are health benefits of spatial principles according to some researchers. Those who practice these sleeping principles believe that when they sleep with their head facing south, the risk of having high blood pressure is reduced.

From anecdotal claims, you will have nightmares when you are sleeping with your head in a westward direction.

Feng shui Recommended Sleeping Direction

Just like Vastu Shastra sleeping practice, feng shui is concerned with the sleeping space in relation to general sleep quality. Nevertheless, the feng shui sleeping practice has more interest in the elements found in your space. It has less interest in your sleep direction but more concern for their effects on chi (energy) flow.

People who practice feng shui many years ago prefer sleep position in southward energy. This is because of the natural climate in China where experiencing warm wind from the south is possible.

Is Feng shui an Effective Direction

which direction to sleep scientifically
Which direction to sleep scientifically.

People who practice feng shui may give you an advice into placing your bed away from doors and windows. This is to promote the flow of chi as you are sleeping. There is a need for extra clinical research in this.

Feng shui other sleeping suggestions

The primary concern for feng shui is to avoid obstructions and flow of energy in every part of your living space. Apart from you avoiding to put your head towards your doors and windows, the following are good sleeping suggestions from feng shui practice:

  • Remove electronics from your bedroom 
  • You should keep away mirrors and bookshelves out of your bed direct line.
  • Guarantee your bed is placed against the wall surface.
  • Put your bed on the opposite side of the doorway. It should not freestanding in the centre of your bedroom.
  • Avoid books, toiletries and other extra clutter around where you sleep. 

Colour schemes are one of the principles of Feng shu used to know different life energies. This is why people paint their bedroom walls according:

  • Fire: Red for South which signifies good reputation and fame.
  • Metal: White for West which signifies children and creativity.
  • Wood: Green for East which signifies health and family. 
  • Water: Black or blue which signifies life path and career. 

Vastu Shastra other sleeping suggestions

Vastu Shastra has an interest in the electromagnetic energies in people’s sleep health. This is shown Indian architectural principles and as mentioned earlier, you should avoid sleeping with your head pointing north. Other sleeping suggestions of Vastu Shastra have similarity with feng shui own.

They include:

  • Every clutter in your bedroom should be removed.
  • Remove electronics from your room.
  • Use colours like cream and white to paint the walls.
  • Don’t put the mirror to face your bed. 
  • The doors and windows in your room should be closed.
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