You will thank us: Learn all about why does ice cream make you cough

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why does ice cream make you cough

My mouth is watering only by reading the word “ice cream.” I’m sure that you feel the same. We all love eating ice cream, but have you ever wonder why does ice cream make you cough? 

Ice cream is the ultimate favorite of almost everyone. Irrespective of the weather conditions, we love to have it anywhere and at any time. Have you ever noticed that you start coughing right after eating ice cream?
If yes, then why does ice cream make you cough?
Coughing right after eating ice cream can be due to several different factors. But why does ice cream make you cough?

The most common is an irritation in the throat. This irritation is usually a cause of reflex action that occurs whenever we eat ice cream. In addition, this reflex action can be caused by having a dairy product because dairy products are the root cause of producing mucus, which in turn causes irritation in your throat. As ice cream is a dairy product, so it can be a cause of irritation. However, if it usually happens even when you don’t eat something like this, then it may have some serious causes, and it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

Six common causes of coughing after eating ice cream

If you are feeling a cough after eating ice cream, then it may have numerous different causes, like:

  • Allergic reactions
  • GERD
  • Respiratory infections or Bronchospasm
  • Asthma
  • Hardening of mucus
  • Aspiration pneumonia

Allergic reactions

If you cough every time after eating ice cream, then there is a chance that you are allergic to cold things, some ice cream ingredients, or dairy products. To make sure that you have not any cold issues, notice your condition after eating other cold meals or after drinking cold drinks. If you don’t feel cough after having them, then there is a higher chance that you are allergic to some ice cream products or dairy products.
The reason for coughing after having a meal that you are allergic to is that your body instantly wants that food out of your body because it can cause you to harm due to your allergy. Try to avoid eating dairy products if you feel the same after eating every dairy product, and if you feel it only after eating ice cream, then maybe some other ice cream ingredient is the real cause.


GERD is the short form of Gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is the answer to, why does ice cream make you cough. A muscle blocks the joint where your throat to stomach canal and stomach meets, and a thick wall-like barrier stops entering the fluid from the stomach or to stomach.

This condition is known as GERD. The negative aspect of having GERD is that it makes you feel fuller, and at the same time, it irritates that canal, which connects the stomach and throat. This irritation is the primary reason for feeling a cough right after eating ice cream.

Respiratory infections or Bronchospasm

If you have a respiratory infection or Bronchospasm, then you will cough after eating ice cream or after having any cold drink or meal. The reason behind this is that it tightens the muscles of your airways, and as a result, your airways get narrow. Due to the narrowing of airways, you may feel difficulty breathing, and your body exerts its full power in breathing.

As a result, you start coughing. It is always better to avoid eating any cold thing or drinking a cold drink if you have this issue.

why does ice cream make you cough
Why does ice cream make you cough?


Asthma is another type of respiratory problem, but it is more severe. It is the most common answer to the question, why does ice cream make you cough. If you are suffering from asthma, then it is very important to stay away from any kind of cold meal or ice creams because you may get a life hazard by having them. An asthma patient can stop breathing if he has a breathing attack after eating any of such things. Besides cold drinks or ice creams, you should also avoid having sour things and protect yourself from pollution, dust, and smoke.

However, if you still eat any such thing and start feeling congestion in your chest and cough, then immediately see a doctor.

Hardening of mucus

When you eat ice cream, it flows down from your mouth to your throat, and due to the contact between your throat and windpipe, it lowers the temperature of your windpipe. A very cold temperature of windpipe results in the thickness or hardening of mucus.
When the mucus gets thick, it results in coughing until it has been removed from your body.

Aspiration pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia is a result of swallowing something that goes into the wrong direction and produces bacteria into your lungs. Usually, lungs clear themselves, and it is the reason that you feel cough, but sometimes when the condition gets worse, it ends up with severe coughing and fever. If you feel a wet-cough after having ice cream, it may be due to this reason. The above-mentioned reasons clear very well that why does ice cream make you cough. Make sure to avoid eating it if you feel some severe side effects.

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